Month: March 2022


The Importance Of Warmup Before Your Workout

How often do you follow your fitness instructor or gym trainer’s recommendation to warm up before your main workout? If hardly, you aren’t alone. It turns out that most people do not warm up before they exercise! The warming-up process is regarded as a crucial part of every workout, which is why fitness experts place […]

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Fitness Health

Make Exercising With Your Kids A Health Goal!

Getting your children involved in fitness activities at an early age will help them develop healthy habits.

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Health Nutrition

What Food Has Healthy Fats? The Case For Dietary Fats

Here we make the case for fats, and identify which kinds of food contain healthy fats that we can incorporate into our meals for our wellbeing!

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Health Nutrition Reviews

The Obesity Code Summary And Review

Dr Jason Fung makes a compelling case for obesity as a hormonal problem rather than a caloric one.

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