How To Find Motivation To Lose Weight

Struggling with weight loss – it’s something that many who live in the developed world experience, despite the abundance of weight-loss resources available on the Internet, as well as gyms, exercise facilities and customized fitness or diet programs. This could point to a factor that goes beyond the tangibles – the lack of motivation to succeed.

Why do we feel demotivated in our weight-loss journeys? The reasons are manifold, such as triggers in our environment making it harder for us to take necessary steps to lose weight, or setting unrealistic goals that further saps away our motivation to act upon our plans.

How can you adopt the right mindset to start and see through your fitness or diet program? Below are 5 tips that may help you find the motivation to lose weight and turn the seemingly impossible into reality!

1) Acceptance

Many of us are often in denial that we lack the motivation to lose weight in the first place. Thus the first step you can take is to simply come to terms with that, which makes it easier for you to move forward.

If you have already signed up for a fitness or diet program, dig deep within yourself to find out the underlying cause of your demotivation, and why you aren’t feeling hyped up about embarking on your weight-loss journey. It could be reasons such as constantly being too tired or lethargic, could then be the result of a lack of sleep, or even eating too much carbs. 

2) Remember why you started

It’s absolutely crucial that you know the “why” of you wanting to lose weight, not just the how. Perhaps you want to fit back into your favourite clothes. Or maybe you want to address a pre-diabetes diagnosis. It could also be to look more attractive, or to become an inspiration to your family members.

Whatever your “why” may be, always remember and hold on fast to it. Reasons that others offer you on why you should lose weight are seldom effective, because they aren’t your reasons. When your weight-loss goals come from within, however, they are far more powerful so you are more likely to stay the course and reap positive results.

3) Be realistic

Look upon losing weight as a marathon, not a sprint. Thus it is recommended that you plan to shed the extra kilos at a steady pace. Not only is this healthier than overnight weight-loss procedures, but you are also less likely to put back your kilos quickly after a rapid drop in weight. 

Try setting a target to lose just 0.5 or 1 kg in a week, or aim to achieve a certain body fat percentage by a particular date. Goals that are realistic and attainable can spur you to achieve them, while unrealistic ones end up demotivating you.

4) Track what you eat

Research has shown that people who record down what they eat are more likely to lose weight or maintain their weight loss. You should track everything, including snacks, drinks and your meals.

Depending on your preference, you can simply write it down in a notebook or diary, or use online food tracking apps like myfitnesspal. Either way is effective in keeping your motivation up and helping you stay on course.

5) Reward yourself

It’s not all going through hell and high water during your weight-loss journey, and neither should it be that way! Discipline is definitely essential, but you deserve little rewards along the way to pat yourself on the back for work well done. 

For example, if you hit a certain milestone, you can give yourself a treat like buying the bag or gadget you’ve always been eyeing. Or celebrate with a soothing massage or spa treatment; your leaner self will appreciate it! Such rewards can go a long way in helping you remain motivated throughout your fitness program, and needless to say, the greatest reward lies in a healthier, better you that you achieve at the end, so keep it up!


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